Ensuring enforcement of animal code ordinances and promoting responsible pet ownership, our Animal Control Officers (Wardens) are an essential part of the team and our service to the community.

Concerns regarding loose or stray dogs, dog bites and animal welfare concerns can be reported to the Brown County Animals Shelter.

Our Chief Dog Warden as well as our Deputy Wardens are certified Humane Agents, which allows our organization to enforce animal cruelty and neglect violations and can also conduct investigations into animal welfare concerns.

To file a report, contact the Brown County Animal Shelter at 937-378-3457 or use the online submission form below.

If this is an animal emergency, please contact the Brown County Sheriff’s Office at 937-378-4155 or call 911.

Online Animal Concern Report

This online form can be completed to report cases of animal cruelty, neglect, welfare concerns, loose dogs and dog bites in Brown County, Ohio.  All required fields are marked with red asterisks (*).  Once the form is submitted, it will be forwarded to the Brown County Dog Wardens and Humane Agents and reviewed promptly.

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You can submit this form anonymously by writing N/A in the fields below, but having your information could help us if additional information about the situation is needed.

Please provide as much of the information requested below that you have available about the situation
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