Providing a few hours out of the shelter often helps our dogs relax and enjoy time away from the hectic shelter life. Our dogs love walks in the park, visiting homes, and just getting out for a while.

This is a perfect opportunity for individuals who are not able to foster or volunteer regularly but still want to help.

We provide you with everything that you need – leash, collar, water bottle, water bowl and an adorable dog that matches your dog handling abilities.

This program has many perks for you, the shelter and the dog you select. Information you provide us on how the dog did on the outing helps us get to know the dog better and find a good match. Photos of the outing on our social media page help attract the attention of the perfect adopter. And of course, every dog that has an outing gives us additional time to care for the other animals and results in a quieter, happier shelter environment for all of animals.

Look at these happy dogs!